Zim encouraged to improve accessibility of healthcare centres

Zimbabwe should ensure that clinics and healthcare facilities are within 5kilometre radious from the communities and have the capacity to do basic treatment said a resident from Bulawayo.

This was said by women who attended the Unpaid Care and Domestic Care public consultations which were conducted on Thursday by the Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Entreprises.

“In most rural areas women have to travel between 10 to 15kms in order to access basic health care services and clinics or healthcare facilities are not able to provide most basic health treatment for people with chronic illnesses hence some people end up dying or their health deteriorating,” said one of the participants.

Participants noted that women require more health services than men in terms of childbirth, family planning and general doctor visits.

Residents who attended the hearings also noted that women walk for more than 15kms to fetch water this takes half of their day’s work and suggested that Government should ensure that access to water is improved through drilling of more boreholes in areas that do not have tap water.

Another participant, Sihlobo Ngwenya highlighted that in order to reduce the burden of unpaid care work, government should make policy adjustments that benefit women.

“Most women spend a lot of time doing laundry hence in order to relieve them from this burden there is need for the Government to ensure that washing machines are tax free, they should also be affordable,” she said.

She added that there is need to encourage manufacturing companies within the country to manufacture washing machines and sell them at an affordable price.

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