Women take a lead in mobilising citizens to register to vote

As various stakeholders countrywide are carrying out campaigns to encourage citizens to register to vote in preparation for the upcoming 2023 elections, women in various communities are responding positively to the call. Women from Ward 14 in Bulawayo are mobilising citizens to go and register to vote. This is done every Tuesdays and free transport is provided by a local resident.

This campaign is mainly targeting young women who in the past have shown limited interest in electoral processes. Through the campaign as older women from ward 14, we have taken it upon ourselves to are mobilise young women and explain the importance of registering to vote which is very key for community development.


By Bekezela Nyathi


The challenges that we are facing as a ward, are with regard to participation in electoral processes because there are high levels of voter apathy and limited knowledge on voter information. As a ward we are in need of more voter education programs. This can be done through community meetings, distribution of flyers, pamphlets and other knowledge materials. This can improve the interests of citizens especially the youths to take part in electoral processes.

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