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Sigola Villagers worry over rise in child headed homes

Villagers in Umzingwane District’s Sigola area have raised concern over the increase of child headed families citing that this is an unnecessary burden for the girl child.

This was said during a town hall meeting which was conducted by Ward Advocacy Committee members. The activity allowed women to identify advocacy issues in their areas and discuss with their local leaders. The meeting was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development.

“Children are now engaging in adultery with men who are not of their age because they do not have parents who look after them” said Caroline Ngoma.

Women who attended the meeting highlighted that lack of emotional and social support to help children cope with the problems they face is leading to moral decay in the community.

In attendance, there was 30 women who consisted of Village Health workers, family planning representatives, residents and the local Councilor Catherine Ndebele. During the meeting, women also discussed issues which include health and transport.

“We do not have enough nurses at our local clinic thus we spend almost the whole day without getting any services,” said Similo Ndlovu.

Women also highlighted that there is no waiting shelter for pregnant women at the clinic which is a disadvantage to women as only a few can be attended due to lack of shelter. However, Councilor Ndebele assured residents that plans were underway to build a waiting shelter for pregnant women.

“We have managed to raise money for the construction of the waiting shelter for our women in this area and we keep on asking for the well-wishers to keep on donating towards this project” said Cllr Ndebele.

Women lamented that they walk long distances to get transport since the Zupco buses do not reach their area due to bad road network.

“Women are not safe anymore in our area since we walk long distances to get transport and some are being raped by illegal artisanal miners in this area” said one of the participants. The councilor pledged to seek assistance from the transport provider, ZUPCO, to tackle this problem.

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