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Residents vying for engendered devolution process

On Tuesday, 19 November 2019, Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) conducted a Public Interface meeting at Cowdray Park Primary School with a total of 106 Ward 28 residents including the person who was standing on behalf of the Ward Councilor. The aim of the meeting sought to shed light on the Constitutional provision of devolution of power as well as to bring ought the manner that communities are set to benefit once the funds are allocated to communities.

Mr Edward Nare, speaking at a meeting that was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) in Cowdray Park

Women were ecstatic of being educated on devolution of power as they hardly benefit from such community outreach programs which build capacities of members of the community.

Edward Nare, a resident representing Ward Councilor, Kidwell Mujuru, cited that once devolution of power is implemented, local people stand a possibility of coming up with mitigation measures to the unfair recruitment of nurse trainees as it has been a controversial issue in Matebeleland Region.

Nare further implored residents to be weary of electing candidates who are non-partisan and capable to offer a representative, an oversight and legislative guide in ensuring that the communities’ needs are taken into consideration.

Women managed to draft a position paper that pointed out the basic services to be addressed through the allocation of devolution funds. In the identified social provisions, women cited the following needs: sewer reticulation, construction of more educational and health facilities, as they are forced to travel to Luveve for any form of medical assistance, improvement on access to water, adherence to youth empowerment programs, and the provision of scholarship funds for disadvantaged youths in the ward.

The document is yet to be submitted to the Mayor of Bulawayo, His Worship, Solomon Mguni, a move towards engendering devolution, which will likely be of much benefit to women in ward 28.

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