Residents call on council to improve access to water

BULAWAYO residents have called on council to consider availing running water given the high rates which were effected in February this year.

The local authority increased its rates by 150% and 626%, following approval of the Bulawayo City Council 2022 budget by government.

Despite this review, water woes remain prevalent and residents are forced to spend at least four days without running water.

In an interview Viola Muchini said the rates were too expensive for residents who often do not have water most of the time.

” The truth is we are struggling to pay and we do not have access to the water that we are paying for. The increase is not justifiable as long as we do not have the service,” she said.

“Despite public notices that stipulate water shedding schedules, BCC does not even follow these. What’s the point of announcing such schedules when in reality we go for days without water?” she questioned.

Muchini called on council to review the rates and find a sustainable solution to the water woes faced by residents.

In recent council minutes, Alderman Monica Lubimbi said she was concerned about the low dam water levels in the City’s water supply dams.

“We are of the view that the water shedding was issued prematurely as the rainy season had not ended. We have noted with concern that the inflows into the City’s Supply Dams remain very low and we urge Council to communicate accurate information,” she said.” Based on previous statements that have been issued residents could be believing that the water would last until 2026. We urge the Water Committee to identify, lobby and advocate for more water sources, ” added Alderman Lubimbi.

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