Perspectives on the recently introduced Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA),

As an upper six student at Mzilikazi High, initially I viewed the Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA), with a negative eye because I did not understand why we were supposed to do them. I viewed them as an unnecessary addition to an already stressful curriculum because as candidates we have a lot of catching up to do as we are behind with the syllabus and adding the CALAs puts more pressure on us.

By Shammah Lunga

On top of that, during the process we also encounter several challenges, especially financial challenges for example we need files for filing our work and we have to submit printed copies of our work, so if there are 3 CALA components for each subject which means since I am doing 3 subjects in A Level, I have to have 9 files and that becomes too expensive for us as most of us cannot afford to be pumping out so much money.

However, despite all these challenges I have grown to like the CALAs because they provide us with different skills that will greatly impact us in future, in my case during isiNdebele we made our own peanut butter from scratch and after that we cooked traditional food and added the peanut butter, so this was a great experience for me as this activity provided me with a skill that can help me in future because now, I can even make my peanut butter at home. We are also supposed to act out a drama during the Literature subject based on Gender Based Violence and on this one we have to create the plot and also research on GBV. I like this because it equips us with research skills and creativity.

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