Patriachy limiting women participation in decision making roles

Patriarchal values imbibed within society that deem women to be incapable of handling power and responsibility are resulting in women being given insignificant roles in the political arena.

This came out during a radio program conducted by Women’s Institute For Leadership Development dubbed “Impact of violence against women on their participation in electoral processes in Zimbabwe” which was aired at SkyzMetro.

Speaking during the radio program, Moreblessing Chere, an aspiring candidate, alluded that women have been depicted across generations to be only capable of trivial matters, inferior, utterly incompetent and less intelligent.

“Zimbabwean political arena is patriarchal in nature hence by virtue of one being female one is already at a disadvantaged side particularly in politics as women are met by stereotypes in the community and political parties,” said Chere.

Chere went on to elaborate on how women politicians suffer from mental health due to political motivated hate speech on both social media platforms and in physical.

“People always think that we only suffer from physical or sexual violence as women, but it all goes a long way to affect our mental health as people always tell you that you are not enough or you are not worthy and at the end of the day if you are not strong enough, you cannot do anything productive,” said Chere.

Marvellous Matswimbo, a Journalist, was of the view that female journalists who do cover political rallies are not guaranteed safety as the nation continue to witness violence and harassment against journalists.

“I have witnessed some of my colleagues (journalists) being harassed by the political party’s security personnel, so we are not safe as we try to participate in these electoral processes as journalists” said Matswimbo.

She further alluded that journalists need more policies that protect female journalists addressing their needs and safety when they go to cover political rallies.

Listeners recommended that there is need to break stereotypes for women including the PWDs and women with albinism as they are discriminated by virtue of living with disability or having albinism.

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