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Mentors and mentees taught on self-mastery and emotional intelligence

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) conducted a session of the Mentoring School on Self Mastery and Emotional Intelligence which was facilitated by Samukeliso Khumalo the Executive Director at WILD. The power packed session was attended by eight mentors who are leaders in politics, entrepreneurs, legal fraternity, and public leadership and 28 mentees.

Ms. Samukeliso Khumalo discussed self-leadership, wholeness, authenticity, multiple intelligence, social awareness, and relationship management. During the workshop, she emphasized that leadership starts from within. She went on to highlight and explain 5 types of intelligences which leaders should possess.

“Leaders should possess the five types of intelligences physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and emotional intelligence. Physical intelligence is the ability to listen to the subtle signals your body gives you and then respond wisely. Mental intelligence focuses on the mathematical, linguistic and basic technical skills. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to behave with wisdom, compassion, courage and humility whilst maintaining inner and order peace, regardless of the situation.

“Cultural intelligence is the ability to work with individuals, groups and institutions that are different from us. Emotional self-awareness is the ability to name our emotions accurately and to understand what triggered them.”

She went on to discuss self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management.

“Social- awareness is about empathy, where you have to sense other’s feelings and perspectives and taking active interest in their concerns. Self-management should enable emotional self-control where managing disruptive emotions and impulses. They maintain standards of honesty and integrity. Relationship management is the ability of sensing what others need in order to develop and bolstering their abilities.”

Mentees were paired with their preferred mentors in the session’s final chapter, and they saw this as a step forward in their various career paths.

“I’m very excited about this initiative and see this as an opportunity to grow in my career with the guidance of my role model whom I chose to be my mentor,” added one of the young women who underwent various lessons at the WILD Leadership Mentoring School.

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