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Lupane residents petition their leader/s

This morning Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) conducted a Young Women’s Social Market in Lupane. The social market sought to equip women on the roles and responsibilities of their leaders and offering a platform where they could outline some of the demands that they have for their duty bearers.

During the social market, a  “Leadership/Residents Social Service Delivery Exercise” was conducted. This exercise was meant to help residents understand the roles that their local leaders are responsible for. The exercise split young women into two groups where they were given a responsibility to draft a letter. One targeted the community members whereas the other was meant for a local leader. The demands were later on summarised into a petition that will be sent to the Member of Parliament (MP).

Demands to be sent to the Member of Parliament (MP) and Councillor included:

  • Request for loans that are strictly meant to benefit women,
  • Improvement of road infrastructure,
  • More construction of tertiary institutions,
  • More road humps,
  • More vocational training centers where women can receive skills that can aid in sustainable livelihoods,
  • Early Childhood Development Schools should be closer to the community,
  • Teachers who are able to speak in local languages,
  • Opportunities to attain vending licenses should be widened so as to accommodate more members of the community,
  • Completion of a hospital that is still under construction.



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