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Lupane Local Board visits Plumtree Town Council for peer exchange

The Town Secretary for Plumtree Town Council, Davis Luthe on Tuesday shared with representatives from the Lupane Local Board that the process of transitioning and breaking away from a rural district council to becoming a standalone local authority is challenging.
Luthe said this during a peer-to-peer learning and exchange visit from the Lupane Local Board which recently broke away from Kusile Rural District Council. Plumtree Town Council went through a similar transition in the year 2002.
Participants highlighted that peer support is a core part of local authorities considering that councils are responsible for their own performance and learning from those who went through the same processes is very vital.
In attendance were heads of different departments for Plumtree Town Council as well as representatives from the Lupane Local Board.
During the meeting, Luthe took the participants through a journey on how Plumtree transitioned from Bulilima Rural District Council to Plumtree Town Council.
“It is indeed a difficult journey to break away from Rural District Council to be a Town council because you will face many stumbling blocks during the process” said Luthe.
The visit awarded representatives from Lupane Local Board an opportunity to tour Plumtree Town Council’s different departments so that they can have an appreciation on how they function for the betterment of public service delivery. Departments which were visited include the Human Resources, Finance, Health and Administration departments.
The exchange visit was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development.

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