Gweru young women call councillors, MPs to account

Five months after the 2018 harmonized elections, members of parliament and councillors in Gweru convened with young women to share the progress they have made in pushing for the fulfillment and enjoyment of women’s rights.

During the election campaign period, as candidates then, the legislators pointed out their interest in representing the needs of young women.

This morning, at a Youth Tea Talk held in Gweru, Chiwundura Constituency Member of Parliament Livingstone Chimina said he and other MPs are pushing for resuscitation of students grants as a way of supporting youth in their educational endeavors.

“Education is now being commercialized and as Members of Parliament, we are in the process of pushing a motion to re-introduce student grants, “he said.

Speaking during the same meeting, Gweru Urban Constituency MP Brian Dube said to youth participation in democracy, human rights and governance is very low.

“We are working hard in parliament, pushing for the introduction of a human rights and gender module to be taught in primary and secondary school so that we inculcate a culture of public participation and groom a society of human rights defenders,” said Dube.

Amongst the speakers was the only female Councillor out of a total of 17 male councillors. As a city mother for ward 13, Councillor Catherine Mhondiwa said she is working tirelessly to improve young women’s participation in politics and governance.

“I am glad I am inspiring young women to be active citizens especially in politics,” she said.

Running alongside the youth tea talk was a young women’s social market where youths met with political leaders from different political parties which included Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP), National People’s Party (NPP), FreeZim and the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC).

The focus group discussions helped young women to understand the values of each of the political parties and what they stand for.

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