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Gwanda informal traders eye virtual marketing

Informal traders in Gwanda have set their eyes on virtual marketing following an Information, Communication Techonology (ICT) training that was conducted by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development.

The training targeted at Ward Women Economic Champions who comprise a movement of women in diverse informal trade sectors in Gwanda.

During the training women highlighted that information on how they can leverage ICT to grow their businesses is always welcome.

Tariro Tshuma an ICT specialist who was facilitating the training highlighted the importance of social media for marketing, emphasizing that the use of ICT can strengthen businesses’ financial outcomes.

“It is important to use social media to promote your goods because it is one of the most stress-free and profitable digital marketing channels for increasing business visibility and network building. ICT also assists the company in growing, expanding into new markets, expanding networks, and developing”

Tshuma’s presentation highlighted some of the things that informal traders do that drive away customers and can potentially damage their business.

“Many informal traders have a bad habit of doing things that cause them to lose clients. When promoting your goods on social media, provide your contact information as well as the prices of your products. Many informal traders, for example, do not include prices on their posts”

The participants got a chance to share their thoughts on why informal traders do not put their prices. One Miss Ndlovu disclosed why she does not include prices on her posts.

“Most of us (informal traders) do not put prices on posts due to stiff competition where you find other traders asking about your price so that they reduce theirs and get clients, hence not including prices is for our own security,” she said.

Tariro Tshuma highlighted that there are many social media sites that are strategic for marketing. One woman from Gwanda shared her journey on moving from traditional ways of marketing to new ways of marketing.

The Ward Women Economic Champions said they have learnt a lot from the ICT training and would execute the skills they were equipped with, to boost their businesses.


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