Entrepreneur sets eyes on petroleum jelly production

Ever since I was young, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset it has always resided in me and my dream had always been to have my own cosmetic line. In the process of chasing my dreams I joined the Jays training programme where they train young women to make different products which includes making liquid soap and petroleum jelly. To me that was an inspiration as I saw this as an opportunity that was going to help me grow as an independent young woman and as a passionate creator this was actually a chance for me to accomplish something for myself and that is when I decided grab that one opportunity that was going to change my life and at the same time lead me to the actualization of my life long dream, that is to start my own cosmetic line.

By Gugulethu Dlodlo.

Besides just having my own cosmetic line, my goal is to use this brand to help my community. I am from Tekwane and we have a challenge because if we have to buy basic commodities, we have to go to Plumtree town, so I think if I can take my products to them then they will not have to travel to town to buy petroleum jelly.

Lastly, with my product, I do not want it to be just another brand of petroleum jelly at the shops but I want it to come out as proof to myself and other aspiring entrepreneurs out there that there is power in knowing what you want and dedicating yourself to acquiring it and most importantly, that if opportunity doesn’t come to you just build a door. I am in the process of sourcing for funds to create a brand for my petroleum jelly.

An entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits an opportunity. 






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