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Communication and Public Speaking Session for aspiring leaders

Since the beginning of March, Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) launched its Leadership Mentorship School where women leaders and aspiring leaders have been enrolled in the mentorship programme and will be capacitated to become effective, ethical and excellent leaders from across political, business, health and legal sectors.

Speaking during a physical session of the WILD Mentorship School, Miss Nomalanga, founder of Out Spoken Consultancy highlighted the importance of public speaking.

Miss Noma leads a session on Communication and Public Speaking at the WILD Leadership Mentorship School.

“Women should possess a skill in public speaking as it has the ability to enhance one’s ability to network. Public speaking is a prerequisite especially to leaders as they should have good communication skills.”

She added that Public Speaking does not start with what one will say but instead with what they will be wearing referring to it as a visual greeting which communicates before the initial verbal communication.

“A visual greeting has more to do with what one is wearing and its influence on how the audience will perceive your dressing.”

In many cases lack of confidence is as a result of not knowing what to say hence she said: “There is need for one to know what they will be speaking about and the audience that will be there so as to know what and how to deliver their speech.”

This physical mentorship session created a platform for mentees to meet and share their thoughts and build confidence by disclosing their weaknesses after she asked the mentees.

“What is your “You-Experience” when it comes to speaking in public?” and the mentees shared their different experiences.

Ms. Ncube, one of the mentees responded: “I am usually a shy person and not confident but this training has somewhat changed my perception of public speaking and I will try and practice public speaking even alone as advised by the speaker.”

Miss Noma concluded the session by advising mentees to take note of some key factors before speaking in public.

“You should know the objective of the day, be clear, connect with audience, keep eye contact with the audience, tell a story, make a good opening, greet audience visually and verbally, stand out straight and be confident,” added Miss Noma.

Speaking after the session, Councilor Skhululekile Moyo applauded lessons shared and assured to go and execute these skills in her work environment as a leader.

“I learnt a lot and I will use these skills wherever I will be addressing the public.”

The Communication and Public Speaking Mentorship session was fruitful as participants highlighted how they benefited from the mentorship and their mindsets were enriched.

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