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78 houses at risk of waterborne diseases

PLUMTREE – A total of 78 houses in Plumtree Town’s Dingumuzi Township do not have toilets, a discovery that puts the lives of many at a risk of contaminating water borne diseases such as typhoid and cholera. This was revealed by an inspection that was spearheaded by the municipality’s department of Health, as a way to formulate strategies to deal with the lack of toilets in households and improve sewer reticulation.

These revelations were raised during this week’s edition of In Her Own Voice Radio Show that was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) at Skyz Metro FM. In the year 2005, sewer reticulation became problematic following mass destruction of public toilets in the area after the Council houses had been reviewed and were now under the status of the Home Ownership Scheme.

“We were told that the destruction of the community public toilets was aimed at encouraging residents to construct their own,” said Khethiwe Moyo, a Plumtree Ward 4 resident. “The announcement caught some of the residents unaware and this led to a delay in constructing these structures. Now residents use the bushes to relieve themselves.”

Financial limitations present difficulties for most residents as they are unable to raise money to fit toilets into their homes.

“Some houses in Dingumuzi Township belong to individuals who are unable to take care of themselves, as they do not have a stable source of income,” said Silingiwe Phiri, a resident from Plumtree Ward 4.

Councilor Ndeketeya Tembo stressed the need for the community to unite so as to help construct structures for the less privileged members resident in Ward 4.

“Our goal is to see each and every resident of Ward 4 having a toilet. This is why council is conducting a survey to find out how many households do not have toilets,” said Plumtree Ward 4 Councilor Tembo. “Raising funds for those without toilets is an ideal strategy that we can use to construct toilets for members of the community who are unable to do so.”

Dingumuzi residents are yet to convene a meeting where they will discuss about the establishment of a Residents Association that can look into some of the social service delivery issues that have a heavy bearing on the community.

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