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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign goes to Nkulumane

At least 76 women in Nkulumane attended a Laundry Café and Interactive Public Art Session on ending gender-based violence.

The Laundry Session and Public Interactive Art Session provided women with an opportunity to discuss the causes, impact, and effects of gender-based violence in their lives. The gathering gave women a chance and a voice to talk about day-to-day issues that hinder women’s participation in economic, social and political life.

Women highlighted that gender-based violence is inclusive of inter-partner violence, domestic violence, and marital rape. They displayed their non-tolerance of gender-based violence and shared that when women are tortured, the only remedy is often to file a case at the nearest police station.

Women also shared their concerns on the increase of gender-based violence in homes within the area citing that social media is often a major cause for increased violence.

Representatives from the Zimbabwe Republic Police who attended the meeting also shared how women can address gender-based violence through the utilization of a peace order or a protection order against the perpetrator of gender-based violence.

Women also had an opportunity to express themselves through visual art. The Art sessions portrayed the effects of gender-based violence on families and entailed descriptions of gender-based violence.




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