Young girls encouraged to be confident

Young girls have been encouraged to be firm, principled and focused so as to build a generation of confident and empowered girls.

This was discussed during a commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child which was conducted by the Bulawayo City Council in partnership with various stakeholders including Women’s Institute for Leadership Development.

This event sought to give a platform to all girls so that they raise their voices and stand for their equal rights.

During the event different presentations were made to address issues that are a stumbling block to the girl child.

‘’Girls should desist from attending Vuzu parties because this is where most young girls end up getting Sexually transmitted diseases,” said Sinatra Nyathi who is the Bulawayo National Aids Council Manager.

Speaking during the discussion, the Deputy Director of Mental Health Services And Substance Abuse in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dorcas Sithole highlighted that alcohol and drug abuse impair one’s ability to function normally.

‘’Substance abuse is on the increase, drugs have a propensity to destroy lives and are difficult to let go once you taste them, drug abuse is one of the causes of mental illness,’’ said Sithole.

She also encouraged girls to refrain from peer pressure so that they do not end up succumbing into substance and drug abuse.

Young girls who participated in the event were given sanitary pads.

‘’This is a way to promote menstrual hygiene as well as to ensure accessible hygienic materials for use so that health is not compromised,’’ said Audrey Manyemwe the Senior Health and Safety Officer for the Bulawayo City Council.






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