Women’s participation in Leadership through the creative sector

Creative spaces are increasingly gaining prominence within the informal sector of the economy as the entertainment and arts industry contribute quite a chunk to the economy.

By Jennifer Sisasenkosi Chiveya

Like other sectors, the effective participation of women in the creative space is slowly but surely on the rise. Local young women, partly because of socio-economic factors, have found their way into arts and other disciplines within the creative spaces.

As commendable as it is, the fact that women are rising to the occasion and taking up the space to challenge norms, represent their fellows and live up to their dreams is motivational and inspirational.

Since there is now a shift in the dynamics to how women participate as leaders in the creative space, there is need for these enterprising and innovative young women to acquire more leadership skills as they run their creative enterprises so they are not taken advantage of.

Different traits are unlocked through this journey as I believe leaders are made just as they are born. This leadership exposure is manifested in strategic thinking, financial management, innovation and creativity including other forms of management.

This informal set up empowers women to participate in decision making processes even outside their creative spaces.  As women gain confidence, consciousness in who they are, what they are capable of and by so doing creating a development build that will cut across gender restrictions and leave sustainable legacies and a generational imprint.

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