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“Pave way for improved social service delivery” – Esihlengeni women

Esihlengeni women, in Umzingwane ward 2, demanded that candidates who are to be voted into power should consider the criteria of service delivery in their community. This was said during a Women Voters’ Club meeting hosted by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) at Ndlozamandla pre- school on the 21st of June 2018. The meeting was aimed at giving women a platform to air out their views on what their ideal candidates for the oncoming 2018 harmonised elections ought to offer.

Poor service delivery turns out to be the most outstanding issue whereby women still suffer due to the shortage of medical facilities in their clinic. Pregnant women are forced to hire private cars with costs ranging from $80- $100 to access nearby hospitals in Bulawayo and Esigodini, especially during the night. One participant pointed out that the winning candidates should also provide them with good water facilities and make sure that police officers were available for the pleas of the villagers.

Previous candidates are reported to have been selective in the development of the community and this has left the villagers disgruntled hence heightening their hesitation to participate in the electoral process.

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