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Women discuss Constitution Amendment (No.2) Bill

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development conducted a radio program for raising awareness on the Constitution Amendment (No. 2) Bill. The Bill was unpacked by two female legal practitioners Julian Mugova (Calderwood, Bryce Hendrie & Partners) and Mosupatsila Nare (Women’s Institute for Leadership Development).

“The Bill gives the President powers to appoint up to 7 instead of 5 additional ministers from outside Parliament based on their professional skills. It extends the lifespan of the proportional representation clauses by a further ten years”, said Julian Mugova.

She added that the Bill also introduces the youth quota system who will be nominated into the National Assembly through party lists. The Bill will further give the president unfettered  powers to appoint judges and promote them without consulting the public.

“We are at risk because we will not have any independence in the Judiciary,” said Mosupatsila Nare. She encouraged the public to participate in the Public Hearings to be conducted by parliament quite imminently.

“Let your point of views be heard. People have got the opportunity to submit their point of views on paper and tell Members of Parliament what they want because their responsibility is to gather what people say and present it to the Parliament. Our views really matter,” she added.

The panel  encouraged members of the public to go online and download the Constitution Amendment (No.2) Bill from any website and read it. “People must have an idea of what it means and it is important to take part in what is happening in your country so that we make a difference,” emphasized Mugova.



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