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Women demand improved services

At least 70 women attended a town hall meeting in Ward 16, that was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) in Habane Township. The local Councilor Patson Sibanda also attended the feedback platform which was meant to assess progress that the local authority has made in relation to improving access to housing, water, health and other basic human rights within the community.

The following issues were raised:

Portable water supply

Councillor Sibanda highlighted that the water pressure was low due to the use of aged equipment and blocked pipes. The Councilor urged residents to revive the pump committees who are responsible for facilitating the repair and maintenance of boreholes within the community.


Habane residents proposed that there should be a system in place which allocates a specific number of houses for men, women and youths so that all groups benefit in an equitable manner.


The local mortuary has not been working for the past seven months. Women suggested that local leaders should take active action in investigating and solving the dilemma. Women advised that they will be engaging the Hospital Administration so as to present their grievances and encourage prompt response to citizens’ demands.


Student – teacher ratio in the community’s primary school is a cause for concern as each classroom has up to 45 pupils. The councilor said council has since allocated a stand for the construction of a new primary school, and plans for clearing the stand are currently at an advanced stage. This move was welcomed by local women as a progressive plan which will improve access to education.

 Access to health care and SRHR

Women stated that medication as well as contraceptives remain a challenge for Habane community members and residents are charged exorbitant prices which they cannot afford.

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