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Women commemorate the World Radio Day

On the 13th of February every year, the world celebrates the radio as a channel of communication that has been instrumental in changing the world. The radio is most particularly celebrated for its wide coverage and reach that transcends literacy limitations. It is in this regard that Women’s Institute for Leadership Development conducted a radio program in order to celebrate female radio journalists who are working tirelessly to inform and educate the masses.

This year’s theme for World Radio Day encourages diversity and representation in the news room with teams consisting of diverse social groups.

Attending the radio program was Sibusisiwe Bhebhe who is the Director of Amakhosikazi Media Foundation and Manurse Ndlovu, a presenter at Skyz Metro FM.

Manurse Ndlovu, sharing her journey as a radio presenter encouraged women to take up available opportunities within the media industry. She added that women should be able to level up whenever they are given huge tasks in the industry. “As a journalist you should be able to adjust to different environments or situations. Whenever an opportunity arises, take it up.” added Manurse Ndlovu.

Speaking at the program, Sibusisiwe Bhebhe urged people to discard the views that women’s successes are attributed to sexual relations with their superiors. “Not everything we do and excel in as women has sexual connotations”, she added. Sibusisiwe Bhebhe also encouraged women to always work on bettering themselves and to strive to be outstanding in everything they do.

Both women said that radio nowadays is different from when they were starting. They said that radio nowadays is much more interesting and progressive as it addresses a lot of social ills. Radio offers women who are not confident enough to speak out in front of a camera an opportunity to speak boldly through the radio and educate the masses on a lot of issues that pertain to day-to-day life.

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