What voting means to me

Voting is my public service
Voting creates possibilities for change,
Not taking part in elections has consequences,
I bear the power to decide what kind of life I want for myself and for future generations.

A poem by Nesipho Tshabalala

Voting is my public service,
Not-voting sacrifices my voice!
It becomes a deservice to myself and generations to follow,
Elections are decided by the people who go to the polls.

Voting is my public service,
Voting is a currency,
Voting equates to my money,
I pay taxes and voting is the only way I can decide how my tax is spent.

Voting is my public service,
Voting is an opportunity for change,
I want my voice to be heard in this coming election.

Voting is my public service,
And my community depends on me,
As I too am dependent on their active participation in elections,
Make your choice, decide today and practice your electoral right.

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