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Weekly Election Analysis






The Standard  17-23/06/18 14 0 2
Chronicle 18/06/18   6 1 0
NewsDay 18/06/18 18 2 4
Chronicle 19/06/18   9 1 1
NewsDay 19/06/18 15 2 0
Chronicle 20/06/18 10 1 0
NewsDay 20/06/18 13 2 1
Chronicle 21/06/18   4 1 2
Newsday 21/06/18   9 3 0
Chronicle 22/06/18   5 0 0
Newsday 22/06/18  16 1 0
TOTAL 119 14 10


Issues of tribalism are slowly emerging now that elections are approaching. According to the NewsDay, MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa pledged to reverse tribal politics and do away with the “jobs for the boys” policy. The statement “jobs for the boys” policy phrase was coined after allegations that the existing government uses through its nepotism tactics and excludes other people (tribes) from jobs and opportunities.

In a story titled, “MDC cry foul over alliances” the NewsDay depicts that some conflicts within the MDC- Alliance are caused by tribal divisions. Some members of the MDC- Alliance such as Welshman Ncube have been complaining over MDC-Alliance President Chamisa’s unfairness, suggesting that he appoints his representatives in Lupane contrary to the agreement they had made as an Alliance. The irony is that the leaders promise fairness yet they are the same people marking the political demarcations by allowing tribalism to rule.



Low participation of women

Chapter 14 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20) Act 2013, promotes equal representation of women in politics. However, instead of women taking advantage of the stipulations of the constitution and the new dispensation, their participation in the electoral processes remains low (NewsDay, 21 June 2018). The low participation is triggered by violence and intimidation. This impacts negatively on the 50/50 gender policy which seeks to empower women so that they become at par with their male counterparts. Emphasis on women’s participation is also shown vividly in an article published in the NewsDay on the same date titled, “Embrace politics women urged.” This is meant to urge women to partake in politics for their voices to be heard. In essence, low participation of women means low female representation in parliament. If women do not participate then who will stand up for their pleas?


Emphasis on peace

Similar to last week’s analysis which highlighted emphasis on the need for peace and unity in the country during the election period, this week, a significant number of stories published by state owned media (Chronicle) capture the President Emmerson Mnangagwa urging aspiring candidates and followers to conduct their campaigns peacefully and remain united.  This is evidenced through the headlines “ED urges rivals to preach peace to followers” (Chronicle, 20 June 2018) and “ED urges rivals to preach peace” (Chronicle, 21 June 2018).  This is a remarkable turn towards peace in a land where the election was often marked by violence and intimidation.

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