Umzingwane community elects GBV committee to monitor GBV cases

In uMzingwane district, there has been a significant rise in the cases of Gender Based Violence and as villagers, we have observed that most of these cases go unreported and many survivors are still silent on cases of GBV, especially cases of domestic violence. Hence, as a way of commemorating the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV, we called a meeting and elected a committee that comprises of representatives from seven wards.

By Mary Gwanyira

The role of these committee members is to oversee and monitor all cases of GBV in their wards and make sure that the perpetrators are reported to the village head and extreme cases are taken to the police to make sure that justice is served for the survivors. Therefore, when tracking the progress done by these committee members it can thus be said that our district is doing a splendid job in trying to combat GBV.

However, we are still facing a few challenges in terms of dealing with those domestic cases, whereby the survivors  choose to protect their perpetrators and are actually afraid of speaking out. This becomes a hindrance as we have to respect their privacy and we are afraid to expose the perpetrators without the consent of the GBV survivor.

So going forward I think its better that we engage in educating women and girls on the importance of breaking the silence and normalising speaking out about cases of GBVso that we create a safe environment for our children and also give rise to the possibility of a future generation of gender champions and empowered women and girls.







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