SA Vocalist Boohle joins hands in the fight against GBV

In pursuit of spreading awareness on gender-based violence, Women’s Institute for Leadership Development partnered with 3D Events, brought prominent South African vocalist Boohle (real name Buhle Manyanthi) for a performance at the Bulawayo Athletic Club (BAC).

The South African vocalist, Boohle, is not just a serial hitmaker, but a voice of women who face different forms of GBV, as her videos show visuals of ladies holding placards written “STOP GENDER BASED VIOLENCE”.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in significant increases in gender-based violence around the globe, GBV awareness was critical and vital so as to remind the masses about the impacts of Gender Based Violence in an effort to create safe spaces for women and girls.

WILD used this show to reach out to a significant number of people in an effort to raise awareness against GBV. The response from the crowd during the show, demonstrated that when different stakeholders act in solidarity, in true partnerships and with a sense of shared responsibility, they can win against the shadow pandemic of gender-based violence. The joint campaign was also an illustration of the strength of collaboration between leading Civil Society Organizations and the Arts Sector in a bid to ramp up pertinent campaigns that ultimately empower people to speak out on social ills such as GBV.

One of the young women who was interviewed during the show, Monalisa Tafirenyika highlighted that gender based violence is affecting a lot of women in Zimbabwe and men are often silent victims of gender based violence.

“This violence comes in different forms, it can be emotional or physical and on this day I choose to stand up and say No to gender based violence. I also encourage other young women to stand up and speak out against GBV,” said Tafirenyika.

Throughout the month of November, WILD will be conducting awareness meeting on GBV so as to shine a light on the issues that affect women and men within the society.


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