Reflecting on youths’ perspectives in community initiatives

I am realizing something which is very very wrong with us as young people.  It seems we hardly attend important community meetings when there are no allowances or refreshments.

By G. D. Mangena

When they tell us about community meetings our first question is “kulemali yini”? (Is there any form of re-imbursements?) ama refreshments akhona?” (Are there any refreshments?)

As a result our voices are not heard in Constituency Development Funds (CDF), three percent Retention Funds, budget consultations, and investment opportunities that may be happening in our community.

My question then is how best can we shape a better tomorrow when we expect to be paid for a less than three hour meeting?

These habits tend to make us young people appear as a joke. Let us forget about taking power as long as we have this bad attitude.

Surely how do you say you want to shape a better country when you are failing to make impact in your small community. We are not attending basic community meetings and we expect to be given power, by who and how?

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