Pump-minders now in a habit of swindling resident funds

UMZINYATHINI – Locals have bemoaned uncouth tendencies which are expressed by greedy members of the community who masquerade as “pump minders”, when they are actually after residents’ hard-earned money.

Unknown pump minders have been overcharging residents for repairing communal boreholes. This has affected access to water for villagers residing in Umzingwane District Ward 4 (Umzinyathini).

During a feedback meeting that was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD), this morning, in Sibomvu village, women present highlighted how they have been duped by illegitimate pump minders.

In a bid to expose the severity of the malpractice, the District Development Fund (DDF) conducted a series of trainings across Umzingwane District to capacitate communities on what to look out for when seeking services from a “pump-minder”.

One pump- minder charged a total of $100 to replace a U-bolt that had disconnected from a communal borehole. He justified the amount, citing that it was directed towards his transport to the repair the borehole.

“We attended a training that the DDF was coordinating so as to be aware of the traits that “fake” pump-minders practice when duping residents,” said Hezron Ncube, a member of the transport committee in Umzingwane Ward 4.

However, residents said the training failed to attract a significant number of women as anticipated, but beneficiaries have shared the knowledge they acquired, with the community.

“Women were equally invited but only few availed themselves to the training,” said Mary Gwanyira, a Ward Advocacy Committee member based in Umzingwane Ward 4. “It would have been noble to have more women receiving this training as they suffer the most effects whenever there is poor access to water.”






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