Press Statement on poor provision of Maternal Health Care Services

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) is appalled by reports of poor-quality health service provision for expectant mothers which continue to hold back progress on improving access to quality Maternal Care in Zimbabwe.

The recent case of a botched caesarian operation on Mongiwethu Mathe, a woman from Bulawayo, whose rectum was cut after a careless operation, is a clear sign of the poor quality of Maternal Health Services that women have to experience.

Cases of inaccurate diagnosis, lack of expert doctors, medication errors and inhumane treatment at Health Care Centres have become a common phenomenon often leading unwarranted medical challenges and deaths which are often underreported or left unrecorded.

According to a World Bank report, a least 10 percent of hospitalised patients in low- and middle-income countries acquire an infection during their stay at a Health Care Centre as compared to seven percent in high income countries.

WILD is of the view that Health Care Centres should take all the necessary precautions to avoid these unnecessary and life-threatening mishaps. In case of such issues, WILD is of the belief that Government should create channels for reporting health mishaps and enable citizens to get proper treatment and compensation.

WILD, therefore, calls upon Mpilo Central Hospital to take the necessary measures in assisting Mongiwethu Mathe and providing healthcare services which will play a key role in restoring her dignity.

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