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Nkulumane Community gathers to discuss service delivery in Bulawayo

Women in Nkulumane’s Ward 22 this morning attended a Women and Youth’s Roundtable under the theme “Effects of Service Delivery Shortfalls, Drought and The Economy on Women and Children.” The meeting provided a platform for women to identify and discuss issues that affect them within their community.Ward 22 councilor Rodney Jele attended the meeting where he shared the efforts being taken by the Bulawayo City Council to improve the lives of Youths and Women in the Ward. Jele highlighted that the current economic situation was affecting the operations of the local authority sharing that “The council is as rich as its residents and equally as poor as its residents.”

Jele said the local authority is in the process of designing a credit policy that is expected to improve the quality of services, by enabling improved revenue collection.

“Residents who do not pay their rates will now be expected to pay at least half of the amount they owe before re-connection. Payments will be demanded after 90 days from the last date of payment,” said Jele.

Jele also said the Bulawayo City Council has availed land to solar farmers so as to increase power supply in the city.

Women sought advice on how they can protect their homes from “civil partners” after the death of their spouses and adding that they are often cheated by their spouses who sell houses without consulting them.

Representing the Zimbabwe Gender Commission, Dalubuhle Sibanda urged women to advocate for joint ownership of properties to avoid losing their homes in instances of death of their husbands or divorce. Sibanda noted that widows are often financially incapacitated to transfer properties to their names on the death of their husbands and they end up losing the properties as a result of this.

Sibanda also said as part of its decentralization drive, the commission will be establishing an office in Bulawayo.





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