MP donates at local school

Bulawayo Central Member of Parliament (MP) Honorable Nicola Watson facilitated a generous donation of grade six textbooks at McKeurtan Primary School during a handover ceremony, yesterday. The ceremony attracted the attendance of local leaders both at ward and constituency level as observed by the presence of individuals such as Honorable Jasmine Toffa, Bulawayo Central Councillor Mlandu Ncube, the Schools Inspector Mr C Mhlanga, the SDC Committee members and the learner’s parents

The gathering was held after the Government of Zimbabwe had released the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that Hon. Watson had applied for. The CDF fund was established in 2010 so as to alleviate poverty and improve the standards of living for all Zimbabweans through developmental projects.

Hon. Watson indicated that the CDF funds that were being disbursed could not be utilized for more than one project due to the steep rise in inflation. She revealed that her initial focus was to repair the wooden floors at the school.
However, the challenge was that the specific tiles found at the school could not be replicated due to the exorbitant expense that could be incurred for the purchase.

“I hope these text books will help these grade six pupils in their transition to grade seven,” added Honourable Nicola Watson, Bulawayo Central Member of Parliament (MP).

Hon. Watson giving a speech at the ceremony

She went on to applaud McKeurtan Primary School for producing remarkable Grade seven results recorded by the learning facility in 2019.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs Sibanda, the Headmistress at McKeurtan Primary School said she was elated as the text books will be key in assisting both teachers and students in their learning.

“We are very grateful for this donation and we are hoping for more assistance as we move towards e learning,” added Mrs Sibanda.

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