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MP calls for utilisation of local Ward development committees for equitable food distribution

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Member of Parliament (MP) Honourable Jasmine Toffa has proposed the utilisation of local ward development committees to promote the effective distribution of meali- meal and registration of vulnerable groups.

Toffa said this during a radio programme that was conducted on Skyz Metro FM this morning to assess the effectiveness of the food distribution programme in Bulawayo.

“The elderly are often sceptical about programmes that come into the community and this becomes difficult for the social welfare department to implement government aid programmes. To make the process easier, government departments should work with development committees who have needs assessment files which provide reliable information on vulnerable citizens within every ward,” said Toffa.

Toffa said the door to door mealie-meal distribution programme should also identify local leaders and coordinate with them to ensure the success of the programme.

“The pilot programme that was conducted in Thorngrove, Entumbane and Njube suburbs had a false start because there was no proper planning. The truck would go to the areas unannounced. There was no coordinated effort that was made. It became haphazard and chaotic. Some residents would hear about it when it has gone,” she said.

Lezina Mohammed, a women’s rights activist and resident from Thorngrove suburb, reiterated Toffa’s sentiments citing that the door to door food distribution exercise was poorly conducted.

“The communication processes was not effective so very few people managed to get mealie-meal. The process is also being politicised and this affects citizens and it is unfair,” said Mohammed.

Mohammed also highlighted the importance of ensuring that all child headed families and the elderly benefit from government programmes.

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