Matabeleland Collective Statement on current crisis

We as Matabeleland Collective are concerned about loss of life, injuries and deterioration of the crisis in Zimbabwe in the past three days of the stayaway.
We note with concern that the security of ordinary citizens has been compromised, and we call upon the state to ensure that the rights of people and property is respected and protected
We call for the following urgent steps to be taken:
-We call for end to all forms of violence, looting and destruction of property.
Police should stop provoking people by firing teargas into people’s homes.
– Government must immediately restore internet and all forms of communications
-Government must immediately reverse the fuel increment and start the process of addressing the underlying economic inflationary aspects that will pile hardships on ordinary citizens
-We call upon government to respect constitutional rights of arrested and detained people and allow them access to lawyers and legal representation
-As citizens, we call for an all urgent stakeholders national dialogue that includes churches and civic society
-the national dialogue agenda should place the interests and concerns of ordinary Zimbabweans at the centre
-We also call upon the President as the Head of State to immediately return and address the national crisis



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