March 26 by-elections: Citizens speak out

IN a month’s time Pumula, Luveve, Binga North and Tsholotsho South Constituents will cast their vote during the much anticipated by elections set for March 26.

From the 21 who were successfully nominated as candidates for the vacant National Assembly seats, only three are women confirming the need to have more females participate in politics.

Infocus News caught up with anxious Pumula and Nkulumane residents who said they cannot wait to cast their votes in order to have representatives in Parliament.

Charity Ndebele from Nkulumane said she was disappointed in that by-elections took longer than expected leaving their area without access to development for a long time.

“Our MP was recalled just as he was starting to foster development and we have been operating without a leader to guide and represent our needs. I am relieved that by-elections are almost here so that we vote,” she said.

“Some of our youths failed to register on time so as to participate in the by-elections but we are happy that at least ZEC has come to the people so that we register in numbers.”

Claris Hadebe from Pumula said their Constituency had so many challenges which should be addressed as a matter of urgency.

“We have had to endure some challenging times which include hundreds of our youths failing to access identity cards from our registry office. These by-elections should yield good results as we cannot wait to have someone represent us,” she added.

“However, I was sad to note that only three women made it from all Constituencies within Matabeleland region. We need women to rise now and be counted so that we have more candidates for the 2023 elections.”

For Grace Ndhlovu in Binga, by-elections should be free and fair so that people can trust the whole process which has been previously manipulated.

“We are ready to go and cast our votes on March 26. It is sad that our youths who need more development will not vote as a majority are yet to registers as voters,” said Ndhlovu.

“I hope the best candidate wins so that we also benefit as one of the poorest communities in Zimbabwe. We need someone who will foster development and empower our youths so that there is progress in Binga.”



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