Low participation of youths in electoral processes a result of lack of information

Young women in Bulawayo have highlighted that lack of information is resulting in low participation of youths in electoral processes

This came out during a youth targeted civic and voter education which targeted first time voters. The session encompassed the basic voter information that every voter must have in order to arrive prepared at the voting station and vote on the dedicated voting day. The action was an opportunity for young women to discuss challenges they face in an effort to enjoy their civic right to participate in electoral processes.

During the meeting one of the participants, Sukoluhle Mhlanga, who represented people living with disabilities expressed her concern over lack of information about the importance of registering and participating in the electoral processes.

“Lack of information when it comes to electoral processes to young people and first-time voters is one of the reasons why youths are not participating in the processes” said Sokuluhle.

Participants agreed that young people should receive civic and voter education from the media as part of its informative and educational role. “As more and more information is exchanged online, making it difficult to evaluate the authenticity of information, the media has an essential role in political processes as a watchdog,” said Sarah Yvette. The majority of the nation’s youth now turn to social media for news and information after thus making it an important outlet to disseminate information.

Young women who attended this action suggested that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should also make extra effort to engage Civil registry office to issue out identification documents for those who do not have.

“Most of us do not have IDs so if ZEC can collaborate with Civil registry office to also conduct the blitz simultaneously it will be a brilliant idea,” said Nozipho Nkau.

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