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Local woman’s desire for shelter fulfilled

Despite challenges that community members in Robert Sinyoka faced during the construction of a home for Nothando Mlalazi, whose house was blown by strong whirlwinds, projections are that the house will be completed during the end of the week as construction is at an advanced stage.

This follows efforts from community members who initiated a program to help Nothando Mlalazi as well as to solicit donations from various stakeholders to contribute towards building materials.

Infocus News caught up with the Chairman of the Village Development Committee, Sam Maseko who confirmed that construction would soon be complete.

“We received building material from one of our sponsors. This has really helped us finish building the house and we hope that by the end of the week we will have finished everything and will be preparing for the handover,” he said.
Maseko said he is impressed by community members who initiated the program and were committed to assist Mlalazi.

“I am impressed by the manner that community members came through for Mlalazi. Most of the times when people start a program, they do not see it through. People from Robert Sinyoka were determined to finish such a big program in these prevailing economic hardships,” he added.

Although the community continued to face water problems with the nearest borehole located kilometers from the construction site, through the help of young people from the community, builders were able to source enough water to mould bricks in the anticipated time.

Pumula Youth Leadership Forum Coordinator Givemore Mangena highlighted that youths took a lead in providing water, which made the construction of the house much easier.

He said social media campaigns that were conducted by young people helped to attract more volunteers and contributors towards the completion of the house.

“Youths around this area played a very big role in the construction process. This area has severe water problems but with the help from youths, water was secured.”

“Our social media campaign also played a crucial role in terms of attracting volunteers and donations. We would not have managed to do this on our own,” he said.

Bulawayo Ward 17 Councilor, Sikhululekile Moyo said she was impressed by how community members showed unity by building a house for Mlalazi.

“Community members at Robert Sinyoka are so united. This made it easy for them to complete such a big task. Although we started the construction with limited resources, we managed to complete the construction of the house which is commendable,” she said.

Clr Moyo said the house will be fully completed by the end of the week and will be ready for use by Mlalazi and her family.

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