Leadership Seminar Activity Update

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) conducted a Leadership Seminar at the Apex Lodge in Gwanda on Tuesday, 7 November 2017. Women from Gwanda’s government departments, private organisations, civil service, civic society and other companies converged to discuss issues that affect them as female leaders. The facilitators equipped women on how to be inspiring leaders so that they can command the respect they deserve. Emphasis was placed on the fact that most female leaders do not meet to share ideas and this has hindered their personal growth in the various organizations they work for. It was cited that women should not be afraid to take a lead and that they should be able to mentor other young women. During the seminar Gwanda women resolved to organize their own meetings so that they continuously engage and come up with their own initiatives. At the end of the meeting the WILD team was asked to form a WhatsApp group that will be dedicated to sharing relevant information that will see women participating fully in all democratic processes.

Gwanda women during a Leadership Seminar that was held at Apex Lodge

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