Key issues on the National Budget Consultation

It is pleasing to note that more youths participated during the National Budget Consultation which was held in Bulawayo. Young people  are future leaders and as citizens we hope that their needs and aspirations will be taken into consideration.

By Juliet Samson

Some of the submissions that were made during the budget consultations include the need to increase devolution funds such that local authorities are able to  improve service delivery. The budget should include the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project so as to increase water supply in Bulawayo. More funds should be allocated to the informal sector since they contribute a large percentage to the economy.

I recommend that there is need for transparency in terms of the budget cycle. The information on budget spending should be available to the public so that there is continuous feedback.

Salaries of civil servants should align to the Poverty Datum Line meaning the budget should address civil servants’ salary grievances .

Government should not  burden informal sectors especially vendors and cross boarder traders through high rates of presumptive tax and duty at the boarders. However, it should formalise the informal sector so that they enjoy the use of medical aid and pension schemes.

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