International Women’s Day Celebrated through Twitter

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) and Culxure Mag took the International Women’s Day commemorations to Twitter to inflate efforts towards ensuring that women support each other.

By Joleen Marara

Every year, March 8 is dedicated towards the women’s rights movement, honoring and uplifting women in different spheres for their achievements.

During one of the Twitterviews, Nomalanga Ncube, Success Coach and Entrepreneur said the theme meant: “All women can become successful and wealthy as other women in the world who are successful. They just need to start now with what they have.”

“Consciously creating platforms to empower each other as women. Fixing each other’s crowns is a simple statement but the gender biased environment overlooks the strong unique traits that allow for us to complement each other as women,” added Nkanyeziyethu Malunga, Designer and Founder of GANU.

Women said it was important for business women to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at uplifting each other.

However, Ncube said: “Women are not taking up space in leadership, in employment circles but they are doing good in startups. More African women are starting businesses compared to their male counterparts.”

Jennifer Chiveya, a Gender Activist and Poet added that women are indeed taking up space in the business sector.

“That is true, most small owned businesses are owned by women, I used to think business was not my thing till I woke up and realised I was living in Zimbabwe.”

Most women have come across a lot hurdles to get to where they are today.

“Being heard, particularly in settings where only well-known gender and women’s rights activists were and are recognised was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome,” said Grace Wezi Jere, Principal Gender and Women’s Rights Officer at Malawi Human Rights Commission.

Ncube added: “Women should continue to fight for their rights by seating at the table to make decisions that will benefit other women. Men should recognise that women are capable leaders. Together we can break the bias for a better society and generation equality.”

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