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Hwange Colliery demo escalates

Today marks the 27th day since a demonstration hit Hwange Colliery and it is staged by a group of relentless women who have suffered consequences of unpaid dues of their spouses for a lengthy period of time.

Although these women have been camping at the Colliery for almost a month now, their efforts have been futile because the management has been telling them to leave their premises. This resulted in the Colliery board taking them to the court stating that these women did not have a contract to be within the Colliery premises. The case was however dismissed in Bulawayo as it had already been filed in Harare Courts.

One woman interviewed highlighted that on the 2nd of February, the Minister of  Home Affairs, Obert Mpofu, assured women that a solution was well underway despite the fact that he still has not responded as he had promised. The government is the major shareholder of Hwange Colliery hence it is expected to lead in finding a lasting solution to the salaries and wages problem.

However, an article published by the NewsDay on the 22nd of February 2018 revealed that the government has since distanced itself from the dispute. It cited that this problem is between Hwange Colliery and its workers, therefore, it is responsible for the two concerned parties to amicably find a solution.

Workers’ spouses also indicated that their aim is not to fight but to build and they want Hwange Colliery to at least give them a lump sum so that they pay fees for their children, clear their debts and start their own income-generating that sustain them.

It is their hope to be able to raise funds which will be used particularly for the new curriculum which was introduced by the Ministry of Education as it requires a lot of books to be bought by parents who cannot afford them.

Affected women are pleading for financial support to transport them to court, food aid and social support so that they can send their children to school as the social welfare is not providing that support.





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