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Gwanda (WACs) convene over service delivery

Members of the Ward Advocacy Committee (WACs) from Gwanda, convened virtually to discuss service delivery challenges particularly during the nation-wide lock down. The meeting was a follow up to the Advocacy training that was facilitated by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) a fortnight ago.

There are a number of issues that were raised by women and access to medical services emerged as the least efficient as residents are failing to get access. Medication is being priced in foreign currency but yet a small population have access to foreign currency in Gwanda. Pharmaceuticals that charge in the local currency tend to over price beyond the reach of a significant number of residents in the mining town.

Access to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, facial masks and gloves is also affecting the Gwanda residents. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, nothing much is being done in Gwanda to help residents to protect themselves. Some women also highlighted how they have limited information that is essential in protecting themselves against the deadly coronavirus disease.

Prizes for sanitary wear constantly being inflated and this is affecting a lot of women as they end up resorting to unhygienic means during their monthly menstruation. A packet of sanitary pads in Gwanda is currently been pegged at $100ZWL, which is too pricey for them to purchase for themselves.

Gwanda women cited that access to contraception is posing as a challenge as the nation is facing a lockdown and this could lead to a lot of unwanted pregnancies which may lead to abortions cases.

WACs resolved to draft a petition that will be used to address the issues that can be resolved by their leaders. Women further proposed to hold dialogue meetings with health authorities so that service delivery can be improved.

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