Gwanda residents breathe fire at Municipality

GWANDA residents have been stripped of an adequate supply of water due to pending payments which are owed by Gwanda Municipality to Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA).


The mining Town has not had running water since Saturday (8 April 2017), although other Wards were faced with an erratic supply. ZINWA has overall control of Gwanda’s water administration.

“We are displeased with the way the water crisis is being handled in this Town especially when we are up to date on payments,” said one infuriated Gwanda resident.

The water crisis has had a heavy impact on women who have to travel long distances to get water. The maximum distance that most women travel in Gwanda is close to 4 kilometres from their homes.

In as much as there isn’t adequate supply of water, some residents rely on erratic supplies when City Council opens water for them.

“Since the day that our access to water was cut, City Council had made efforts to ensure that we get water although it has since ceased to be a 24 hour cycle,” said Siduduzile Masilela, a Gwanda Town Residents’ Association member.

She narrated that the residents are able to get running water for close to ten hours a day.

However, some residents have seen a niche for them to be able to gain a few dollars from this crisis.

“Some people are selling water to those who stay far from boreholes,” said Bridgette Moyo, a resident from Ward 9. “I hear that a 20 litre bucket costs US0.50.”

Lashing out on Social media platforms, some residents have highlighted that the City fathers have opted to take a stance of silence on the matter at hand.

Meanwhile, a letter which is making rounds on social media indicates that Gwanda Residents Association is set  to hold a meeting with the Council so as to proffer tangible solutions with regards to water problems currently experienced by Gwanda residents.

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