Government urged to release funds for Tuli-Manyame Dam

The Matabeleland South District Development Fund Provincial Coordinator Moment Malandu has called the Government to release funds that will help complete the Tuli- Manyange dam set to address the town’s perennial water problems.

A majority of residents have gone for weeks without water and those with livestock are in fear that the water challenges may lead to the death of their animals.

The completion of the construction of Tuli-Manyange Dam is expected to address the perennial water problems in Gwanda District.

Once complete, the 35 million cubic metre-dam is expected to provide irrigation water for communities in Gwanda, which will boost food security.

Tuli-Manyange Dam is expected to address the perennial water problems in Gwanda District.

It is envisaged that once Tuli-Manyange Dam is complete, at least 2 000 hectares will be put under irrigation.

The dam is also set to serve Vela, Guyu Business Centre, Ntalale Business Centre, Chelesa Business Centre, Sizhubane Barracks, Manama Mission and Business Centre, Sebasa and Mankonkoni irrigation schemes.

“We’re going to assess progress at Gungwe Dam next week to do an assessment and then appeal for funding from the Government and the WASH sector. We’re aware of the problem and I’ll only be able to share more after our assessment,” said Malandu.

“Our hope is that the Government will release more funds so that these projects are complete because our people have suffered so long, it’s been close to two years without access to water.”

In an interview Zinzile Ndebele said the promise to have the dam complete was made a long time ago and the Government must own up.

“We have been waiting for some time and sadly our livestock may not make it since we received low rainfall last time. Besides this, we also do not have water for everyday use which further exposes us to diseases since the only functional boreholes are located far from us,” said Ndebele.

Aggy Mlambo said the water crisis was affecting a number of businesses in the centre as well.

“We have struggled to have water for the past two years and currently we cannot even continue in some business transactions. I think ZINWA should treat this as a matter of urgency as everything will end up crumbling if nothing is done. We have been forced to pay for a service that is never there and the Government should intervene and ensure we have access to water, it’s very basic and essential,” she said.


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