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Gender Champions: Habane

Yesterday, Esigodini Gender champions conducted an advocacy meeting that was aimed at identifying advocacy strategies that can improve residents’ access to service delivery in the District. The meeting was conducted via Whatsapp as part of measures to adhere to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

There was an in-depth discussion on the following issues:
Lack of transparency
The authorities in Esigodini urban rarely consult the residents whenever there are developments in their wards. A recent example is the conversion of the existing playground into residential stands. Gender champions resolved to using the residents association to push the authorities to be more transparent and open to people’s suggestions.

Recreational facilities
Recreational facilities such as stadiums are dilapidated and there are no libraries and youth centers in the district. The local authority is not addressing the matter in the most convenient manner. Gender champions cited that there has never been a sporting or youth stakeholder engagement in the district yet the Rural Councils Act specifically calls for the provision of such meetings.

Youth Funding

Youths in ward 16 are constantly submitting proposals for certain projects but are not receiving any responses yet there are allocations for youth funds. Gender champions resolved to take advantage of already existing committees and associations so that they too can stand a chance to benefit.
Gender champions proposed to resort to lobbying the community association to hold multi stakeholder meetings in the community so as to promote transparency and improve access to service delivery.

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