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Female War Veterans demand for acknowledgement

On Thursday the 20th of February 2020, WILD conducted a Women’s War Veterans Forum as part of its contribution to peace and reconciliation. The meeting sought to capture female war veterans’ stories.

Women were given a platform to raise their concerns and the issue of lack of due recognition and respect took center stage. The women war veterans said that they are rarely mentioned in the history of Zimbabwe and there is a deafening silence on the contributions of female liberators. The women decried the fact that school textbooks do not contain enough information on the role played by women in the liberation struggle.

“The history of women liberation heroes has been severely edited and some parts left out. The history of women should not be ignored. As female war veterans we would like to be acknowledged and celebrated so that Zimbabwean history is not distorted”, said Sibonokuhle Moyo, a female war veteran.

Women highlighted that there is limited access to land yet they fought for equal access to resources.

“Land distribution in Zimbabwe still remains a problem as it sidelines female war veterans. Compared to their male counterparts, only a few women are landowners in Zimbabwe” said Juliet Sibanda another female war veteran.

The female war veterans recommended that counselling sessions should be rolled out as a lot of women were emotionally scarred during the liberation struggle.


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