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Do not use the same bucket for steaming – doctors urge

Citizens should be cautious of the possibility of transmitting COVID-19 when sharing the same household utensils.

Speaking during a radio discussion that was aired on Skyz Metro FM, Dr Sharon Mugayi cited that families should be cautious whenever they decide to steam and desist from sharing the same bucket and water as it may result in the spread of the disease.

Mugayi highlighted although communities are convinced that steaming plays a fundamental role in treating COVID-19, there is no scientific evidence that steaming can treat the respiratory infection.  Dr Mugayi alluded to steaming being used as a traditional method that was used to treat colds and flues.

During the radio program, Dr Mugayi encouraged the community to properly wear their masks and cover the mouth and the nose to avoid the spread of the disease. Dr Mugayi advised the community to use re-usable cloth masks as they are easier to keep clean as opposed to re-using surgical masks.

“Washing a face mask is highly recommended for us all and those made out of cloth should be washed and dried in the sun,” added Dr Mugayi. “Once you wash a surgical mask, you tamper with the quality of the material as a result being susceptible to the respiratory disease. Washing your mask daily will to protect you from the exposure to the virus but you have to ensure that you combine it with other precautions.”

Virginia Moyo, a herbalist at Musimboti went to great depth on the use of traditional herbs and the correct usage of these. She encouraged the community to seek for medical treatment well in advance so that they can have a greater chance of surviving the illness after they are diagnosed with it.

She also highlighted how Umsuzwane/Zumbani herb was used in the past especially after a burial to clean the home and for those at the funeral to wash their hands after the process. Moyo stated that there have always been herbs and traditional medicines such as lemons, guava leaves, and mint to treat colds and flu related ailments. She also cited that in African Tradition, there have always been herbs that the elderly were accustomed to utilizing to treat body discomforts.

Also speaking during the radio program was a COVID-19 survivor, Rumbidzai Ndlovu who highlighted how she managed to keep a positive attitude in her fight against the virus which she was diagnosed with late last year. She stated that she stopped following the rising statistics of people who had succumbed to the respiratory infection as it dimmed her hope for surviving the ailment.

Ndlovu narrated an emotional story whereby her daughter at one point was convinced that her mother was not going be able to make it alive after the 10-day isolation period that she underwent.

Ndlovu encouraged the community to be vigilant in the fight against COVID-19 as it is a reality that exists in the society. Ndlovu cited that communities should make a deliberate effort in always frequently washing their hands with soap and water,  practice social distancing and to mask up.


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