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The issue of sexual reproductive rights is often misunderstood by quite a number of people. Women in other parts of the country like Umzingwane do not have adequate access to contraceptives. On the other hand, access to sanitary wear is now compromised due to the ever- increasing prices.

Today, WILD conducted a radio program where there was a representative from Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council, Sister Mollinah Khumalo and a young woman from Umzingwane, Novuyo Tigere.

It was noted that there are different types of contraceptive methods which can be grouped into three categories namely; short term, long term and permanent. Women who experience side effects after using any of these contraceptive methods were advised to visit the Zimbabwe National Planning Council for consultations. “In normal circumstances, women do not suffer from long term side effects but they are likely to occur at the time when they are using them,” added Sister Mollinah Khumalo.

“Before one chooses the method of contraceptives, they must undergo a medical eligibility test to help them choose the right contraceptive that is compatible with them,” said Sister Mollinah Khumalo. “Adolescents below the age of 24(twenty-four) can access contraceptives for free at our Family Planning Institutions or clinics”

“Our local clinics at Umzingwane have run out of contraceptive pills. This has affected us as women in the community because some men do not want to use condoms and this may lead to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies,” said Novuyo Tigere. “We have received education on the use of contraceptives but the challenge we are currently facing is the shortage of contraceptive pills in local clinics within Umzingwane,”

Meanwhile, the prices of sanitary wear continue to soar beyond what ordinary citizens can afford. Novuyo Tigere said that women are beginning to resort to cheap material in place of sanitary pads. Sister Mollinah Khumalo advised the public that they should be as hygienic as possible during their menstrual cycle as this will reduce bacteria that can be harmful to their bodies.

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