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In order to guarantee equity in the distribution of resources, the people of Zimbabwe resoundingly voted for the adoption of devolution of power as espoused in Chapter 14 of the constitution of Zimbabwe. This was to give provinces and metropolitan council power to self- govern.

We interviewed aspiring MP candidates on the issue of devolution and how they will push for its implementation.

Reinhard Ncube, aspiring candidate for Lobengula constituency said, ‘’We need Parliamentarians who are going to advocate for the implementation of devolution of power. The policy was introduced years back but the government still hasn’t implemented it.”

Stella Ndlovu, another aspiring candidate from Luveve constituency, said “If need be, devolution of power is the first thing that I will advocate for in Parliament. Its high time resources are distributed fairly across from provinces.”

Ndlovu also gave an example of establishing offices for documents such as work permits to other countries that are processed only in Harare and not locally.

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