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As the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) continues to monitor the political landscape towards the 2018 elections, most interviewees highlighted that they have not witnessed cases of violence and intimidation which was very significant during 2013 elections. On the contrary, Newsday (12 June 2018) published a story stating that suspected ZANU- PF activists brutally killed a two year old child after his father defected to the opposition National People’s Party (NPP). This has raised fears of 2008 bloody presidential run-off elections whereby opposition supporters were killed.

One of the key issues that were raised during the monitoring is that the President has already proclaimed election date yet the voters roll is still incomplete. This has raised the ire of citizens because constitutionally, the president is supposed to announce the election date after receiving the final draft of the voters roll from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

The issue of unpreparedness among the participating candidate and the citizens continues to be a major concern with only six weeks to go to the polls.

Viola Muchini from ward 10 in Emakhandeni-Entumbane constituency, in Bulawayo, said, “Most people do not have an idea of who to vote for as they do not know the candidates especially the aging population.

A resident of ward 14 in New Lobengula added that, “Citizens are only aware of contesting candidates from the parties they support. This raises concerns that Zimbabweans might not be ready to go for polls by July 30 2018 and candidates need more time to conduct their campaigns and present their manifestos to the citizens before they vote.

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