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Information collected from Lupane, in ward 15, reveals that people only know Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa as the two main presidential candidates. Similarly, there have been concerns that the two candidates have been getting more coverage on ZBC, Chronicle and Newsday yet there are other candidates also running for the presidential seat.

Citizens in Lupane are still not aware of the candidates contesting for local government and parliament seats in their constituencies. “I have not seen any candidate campaigning for the upcoming elections in Lupane”, said Norah Moyo from Lupane ward 15.

Norah also noticed that people only know the candidates through posters, physically the candidates have not started campaigning. This also exposes the unpreparedness of the candidates for the upcoming elections, as those who are prepared must be seen campaigning. It is expected that candidates will be more visible after the sitting of the nomination court.

Due to the new dispensation, people are eager to go and participate in the electoral process. According to Shyline Phinda, “There’s so much excitement among the people of Umzingwane because for the first time in 37 years there are new candidates participating in the 2018 presidential elections.” This reveals that Zimbabwean citizens are keen on participating in the upcoming elections.

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